AWA Field Trips: The Bighill Creek Drainage- Ice, Glaciers, Gravel and Oil!

The Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) has a program called “Adventures for Wilderness” which consists of nature-focused field trips led by knowledgeable botanists, biologists, water experts, geologists, paleontologists, birders, etc.

If you scroll down, you will see I am leading a field trip; Ice, Glaciers, Gravel and Oil on Saturday, June 4 looking at some spectacular, little-known glacial geology just north of Cochrane (deeply incised glacial meltwater channels), the impact of hydraulic fracturing for oil in the area, and also we will be looking at the site of the proposed Mountain Ash mega-gravel mine almost next door to Big Hill Spring Provincial Park.

It’s a six-hour field trip.  Cost is only $50.00 per person, tax deductible, it is a fundraiser for the AWA.  Information on this is on the website of the AWA.  Or they can just phone, Tako Koning anytime at 587-284-3411.