Bighill Springs Provincial Park temporary closure

We want to let you know the Alberta Parks approved funding for the Big Hill Springs Provincial Park Refurbishment Project that includes upgrades to parking areas, picnic sites, trails and site signage.
Depending on the contractor, we may proceed with construction August – exact timing TO BE DETERMINED. Due to the small size of the Park, all visitor facilities (parking, picnic and trails) will be under construction at the same time. In order for the contractor to complete the Project efficiently and to ensure public safety, Alberta Parks is closing the site to visitors. Big Hill Springs Provincial Park will remain closed until summer 2021 to ensure reclaimed areas are well established before welcoming visitors back into the park.
For updated information the project and construction schedule, go to: (
While we do not have a confirmed construction start date as it will depend on the contractor, it may start in early August. We are spreading the word now to provide the public with some notice of construction and park closure.

BHS Public Advisory_Project Map

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