Board of Directors

Gerry Bietz, President

A retired economist, Gerry’s career was spent working with petroleum companies and Alberta government.  He is an avid skier, hiker and outdoorsman.

Vivian Pharis, Vice President

Vivian is a retired educator, environmental advocate, and wine grape grower (NZ).  She is an avid outdoors woman, hiker and horse trekker.

Lyse Carignan, Secretary-Treasurer

Lyse is a retired educator and nurse.  She is a home maker, avid swimmer, ballroom dancer and gardener.

Dr. David Reid, Director

David is a retired plant physiologist and a former head of Biological Sciences, University of Calgary.  He is an outdoorsman, gardener, artist and traveler.

Dr. Ken Stevenson, Director

Ken is a retired biochemist having worked at the University of Calgary.  He is an avid fisherman, outdoorsman and skier.

Dr. Mike Foster, Director

Mike is a retired medical doctor who practiced in Cochrane, Alberta for 35 years.  He is a hockey enthusiast, outdoorsman and traveler.

Hugh Magill, Director

Hugh is a retired tax accountant. He is an avid outdoorsman, trail runner, hiker, cyclist, canoeist, and pickleball player.

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