Open Green Space Plan RVC
Provided by Rocky View County

1976 Big Hill Springs Provincial Park – Mini Masterplan

Letter from Alberta Parks to Rocky View County re MAPL application 02/17/21
BCPS Alberta Parks letter to RVC Feb 17 21.pdf

Letter from Jenna Leblanc, MEnvSc to Rocky View County re MAPL Development Permit
BCPS Letter in Opposition Jenna LeBlanc.pdf

Bighill Preservation Society Map; Big Hill Springs Provincial Park/Big Hill Springs Aquifer/Gravel Operators
BCPS Maps Gravel Operations Big Hill Spring Aquifer Nov 2020.pdf
BCPS Maps Gravel Lands Ownership 01 19 22.pdf

Caron, Marie-Eve, 2004. Hydrology of Big Hill Springs. 31 pages.
BCPS Caron Study Big Hill Springs Hydrology.pdf

Poschmann, Soren, 2007. Establishing a recharge area for Big Hill Springs, Alberta, Canada, 40 pages.
BCPS Poschmann Study.pdf
BCPS’s Statement of Concern | Bighill Creek Preservation Society

Letter Town of Cochrane to Jason Nixon March 24, 2021
BCPS Letter Town of Cochrane to Jason Nixon March 242021 re MAPL Gravel.pdf

Letter Alberta Parks, Andrew Schoepf to Rocky view County re county Draft Municipal Development Plan, February 16, 2021
BCPS Letter Alberta Parks to RVC Draft Municipal Development Plan 02 16 21.pdf

Letter Trout Unlimited to Rocky View County
BCPS Letter Trout Unlimited to Rocky View County RE Summit Pit Feb 2021.pdf

Houseknecht, S. 1984. Natural history study of mineral and thermal springs in Canada. Vol.1. Study commissioned by Parks Canada; Terra Environmental Consultants Ltd. (PDF)

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