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Bighill Creek Preservation Society (a registered entity) is a group of local residents who recognise that unrelenting development and population pressure from the town of Cochrane and surrounding County have the potential to significantly erode the many beneficial attributes of the watershed. The mission of the society is “To ensure the natural and historical values of Bighill Creek Watershed are preserved for this and future generations.”

The Bighill Creek Watershed stretches for several miles north and east from the town of Cochrane. It is a significant local and regional ecological, historical and recreational asset. The main valley is believed to have been created during several weeks near the end of the last ice age.

It provides habitat for numerous species, from birds to bears and cougars. It is a valuable wildlife corridor to and from the Bow River valley. The spring fed creek though currently somewhat degraded, is an important spawning area. The valley is believed to contain a number of buffalo jumps and other pre-contact archeological sites as well as early Alberta historical sites. The watershed currently includes nature conservancy lands, Big Hill Springs Provincial Park and municipal environmental reserves. In addition, virtually all of the drainage has been identified by Rocky View County as an environmentally significant area.

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