Mission, Objectives and Actions


“To ensure the natural and historical values of Bighill Creek Watershed are preserved for this and future generations.”


  1. Maintain and enhance the full range of biodiversity including interconnection to the Bow River valley.
  2. Identify, maintain or improve watershed health, including springs, riparian aspects and water quality.
  3. Encourage a system of stewardship throughout the watershed.
  4. Establish a library of the ecological, geological, archaeological and historical data of the Bighill Creek area.
  5. Educate the public as to the full range of natural and historical values and of their national, provincial and local significance.
  6. Undertake development of a State of the Watershed report and Implementation Plan.

Actions for Achieving Objectives:

  1. Plan and institute public access and gateway information in keeping with the Society’s mission.
  2. Initiate a stewardship program for the watershed, beginning with the established Environmental Reserve and lands downstream as far as Cochrane.
  3. Gather existing baseline data and undertake any necessary studies to support a State of the Watershed Report and Implementation Plan
  4. Establish partnerships for the planning and development of a State of the Watershed Report and its implementation.