Koning, Wendell, January 2022. Field Monitoring Program, Bighill Creek Watershed.  Bighill Cr watershed, water quality report of Jan 29, 30 2022

Fennell, Jon, 2021. Mountain Ash Limited Partnership Summit Gravel Pit – Review of hydrogeology, geochemistry, fish and aquatics, and climate change  BCPS FBHSPP_JF submission_Jan 23_2021 Rev0.pdf

Fouli, Dr.Ymène, September 2020. Water and Sediments Analysis Report -phase II-  20200914_PhaseII_Report(1).pdf

Water and Sediments- Analysis Report -phase II -Table Results-September 2020  Results_Tables_201920(2).xls

Trout Unlimited, June 2020. BCPS-Temperature loggers Installation

Benedict, Tobin, January 2020. Benthic Macro-Invertebrate Biomonitoring Study, Bighill Creek

Hajibababei Lab, Centre for Biodiversity Genomics, University of Guelph. December 2019. STREAM-Preliminary DNA Data, Bighill Creek, (1)(1)

Cows and Fish, 2018. BCPS-Riparian Health Assessment report

Fouli, Dr. Ymène, September 2018. Bighill Creek Water Quality Sampling Baseline Study BCPS_Bighill-Creek-Water-Analysis-Baseline-Study_Report2018.pdf

Trout Unlimited Canada, June 2018. Bighill Creek Electrofishing Investigations – Technical Report  BCPS_Bighill-Creek-Fish-Inventory-Report2018.pdf

Hayashi, Masaki, 2016. Hydrology of Prairie Wetlands: Understanding the Integrated Surface-Water and Groundwater
Processes  Hayashi-et-al-2016-hydrology-of-prairie-wetlands.pdf

PDFs provided by Rockyview County

Studies done prior to 1996

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