Bioinventory Blitz Success June 9, 2024

The day for the BCPS second bioinventory day was a little cold and windy. Fortunate to have access to the Hutchinson Conservancy Lands, 20 volunteers came to help document and be part of the bioinventory day.  The beauty of the native prairie, all the blossoms and abundant wild space made for a glorious time of sauntering and documenting what was seen.   On the day, almost 200 observations were recorded.  Trumpeter swans, bald eagles, red tailed hawks and countless wildflowers, penstemon, flax, and golden bean to name a few.   BCPS thanks the volunteers and sponsors of the day, Cochrane Save On Foods, and Steelhead Ventures Ltd.  Thanks too for access to the conservancy area.  Another bioinventory day is planned for the fall.

Check out the Bighill Creek Bioinventory Project on the INaturalist App to see images of the observations.  At this time, there are 73 observers who have contributed to the project, with a total of 1430 observations.  Thanks to all who have been part of documenting the bioinventory.


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