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Dear members of Bighill Creek Preservation Society,


Thank you to those who attended our Annual General Meeting last Saturday. We meant to sincerely thank those of you who have been so generous these past few years. Your contributions helped with our cash flow. Without you, we could not cover the cost of insurance, postage, advertisement, website fees nor the odd prints we need. The funds we received from other grants are restricted to the water analysis project. The other ongoing projects we have (trail maintenance and insect studies) are also restricted funds.

Thank you again for your past valuable contribution.

Bighill Creek Preservation Society


Cost not covered by grants:

  • Any operating cost

*We had one grant from Rocky View County to cover some of these operating costs; but it was a one time in our ”life” as a society.

  • Insurance
  • Postage
  • Advertisement
  • Any workshops
  • Business cards

We were able to cover these costs last year, but will be unable to make ends meet this year!!? We do need some help!

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AB Law & Impacts of Gravel Extraction on the Ecosystem of Big Hill Springs.

Saturday October 14, 2023

1000 – 1200

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