upcoming important meeting-Urbanstar Glendale Land Development

“The Urbanstar Glendale Land Development area  is over a section of farm/ranch land located in the Bighill Creek drainage within a mile of the creek.

BCPS encourages everyone who values the protection of the creek to attend the meeting to Identify any concerns and provide their comments.

According to someone  at the consulting co. supporting this development,  this is a “Conceptual Plan” which  is the starting point for an Area Structure plan. This person was unable to provide access to any maps or charts (There are some aerial photos on the Urbanstar website.) It seems that there  had been no attempt to align/coordinate with the Glenbow ASP although she said Glenbow ASP is apparently planning to put a water treatment plant on the north side of 1A at RR35 ( Glendale/ Urbanstar land) with a supply line down to the river across Glenbow Park. Note- the meeting is this Thursday- the 22nd of September.

The meeting will be held from 6pm to 9pm at Rockpointe Church.





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