BCPS-BioBlitz-June 10-2023

Do we think the BioBlitz a success? Definitely. While we were not overwhelmed at the two contact sites, we now have over 425 photographic contributions and we are up to 21 observers. We worked on Sunday to modify the site and we were able to contact an iNaturalist whiz from U of C Geography Dept. who helped us iron out more wrinkles in our project site. We have now taken away a time restriction, so that we can continue to accept data throughout the year. We have also enlarged the map for our intake region, extending from the creek mouth, well up north of Hwy 567. So we are now ready for 2024.

iNaturalist is a broad program that can allow us to interpret data in many ways.

Thanks for all of everyone’s efforts on Saturday – we have launched something that we hope we can control. and find very useful.


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