Bow River Reservoir Options – Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park could be at risk

Bow River and adjacent Glenbow Provincial Park lands. ©

A significant portion of Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park would be lost if a proposed flood mitigation dam is built. Bighill Creek Preservation Society believes Glenbow must be saved and substantially more of our natural environment must be protected to support the physical and spiritual health of the citizens of our region. Less than one half of one percent of Rocky View County’s land base including this Park, is protected from development.

Jeromy Farkas, CEO Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation wrote in a newsletter on November 21, 2023 “If it were to proceed, this new dam would destroy at least a third of our park and almost all of our trail system, not to mention completely submerge nearby Haskayne Legacy Park in the City of Calgary…There are several viable alternatives that can, and must, be advanced – without requiring the destruction of more than a thousand acres of priceless parkland, including the hundreds of millions of dollars invested in our two parks.”

Please view the Alberta Environment and Protected Areas video that shows how much of the park and area adjacent to the river would be flooded.  If you would like to learn more, the Government has posted details about the process to date and ways to be engaged.


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