Have your say! Deadline Friday June 14, 2024

Have your say! 

Public input on the attached final report is being invited by Rockyview County’s Aggregate Resources Stakeholder Advisory Committee .  The deadline to comment and have your say is this Friday, June 14th  

The survey is very short and your voice makes a difference.
The survey is found at engage.rockyview.ca

Invitation to participate

As you know, BCPS has taken every opportunity to oppose gravel mines near Big Hill Springs Provincial Park and the Bighill Creek which we believe will cause significant harm. At present, we await progress on our appeal to the Alberta Environmental Appeals Board regarding the Mountain Ash Summit.

BCPS will keep working to protect these important environmental assets.

Attached to this post is the final report from the Aggregate Resource Plan Stakeholder Advisory Committee. Please take a few minutes of your time  and read the Report beyond the official 6 recommendations.

Because the committee process required consensus to create a recommendation, many of those proposed by local residents were not supported by industry, and therefor were not included as recommendations in the report. Some of the proposed recommendations, that were not not included follow.  You may want to include these in your survey response.

  • Physical separation is required to reduce negative impacts of fugitive noise and dust.
  • Mining can impair groundwater and requires vertical separation greater than one meter.
  • The county needs experts to assess the quality of industry’s regulatory submissions and operating reports.
  • Fees paid by industry must cover the cost of active monitoring and enforcement of county standards.
  • Cumulative effects must be forecast and capped in advance of approvals.
  • Environmentally sensitive areas must be mapped and protected with significant setbacks.
  • Impacts on wildlife corridors must be a consideration of approvals.

Aggregate Resource Plan Stakeholder Advisory Committee – Recommendations and Final Report



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