Help Save Big Hill Springs Provincial Park

Help Save Big Hill Springs Provincial Park

Our Park is under imminent threat from open pit gravel mines.

As shown on the map linked below, 5 square kilometers of land adjacent our Park are owned by gravel operators. One quarter of this land has already been approved for mines by Rocky View County. They will excavate to within 1 meter of the water which created and sustains the Park’s ecosystem.

The science says these mines may contaminate the water in the Park and Bighill Creek and alter flows on which the diverse ecology depends. Science and logic say dust and noise created by these mines adjacent our Park will fowl the air and destroy its serenity.
BCPS Maps Gravel Operations Big Hill Spring Aquifer Nov 2020

You can help.

We must convince the Alberta Government that Big Hill Springs Provincial Park is too rare a gem to be allowed to be put at such risk by gravel mines that can be developed in many other less harmful locations in our area.

Please do this today.

Voice your opposition to these open pit mines to:
Jason Nixon, Minister of the Environment at,
Shane Schreiber, Assistant Deputy Minister at and Peter Guthrie our MLA at,

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