Ice, Glaciers, Gravel and Oil- FIELD TRIP

Ice, Glaciers, Gravel and Oil Cochrane North Field Trip

Saturday, June 3, 2023 9:00 AM 4:00 PM

Alberta Wilderness Association Adventures for Wilderness Program

This field trip will be led by Senior Geologist Tako Koning, email &
, cell phone: 5872843411
For more information on the Alberta Wilderness Association please refer to


This field trip is threefold: (1.) View some outstanding glacial geology in this area (2.) Learn about
the impact on the environment of some major gravel mining operations (3.) Learn about the
impact on the environment of some major oil producing operations using hydraulic fracturing.
This is a day trip. Not a lot of driving but many stops. No hiking is required. Please pack liquids
and sun and possible rain protection. You will also need to pack a lunch. The lunch stop is not
yet picked, it will depend on the progress we make as we drive from stop to stop.

We will meet at the parking lot at Cochrane Ranche in the town of Cochrane. This is located in
the western part of Cochrane on the north side of Highway 1A. If some attendees wish, we can
arrange to car pool from there to reduce the number of cars on the trip. Note also we will have
a bathroom break at the Shell gas station at the corner of Highways 22 and 567.

Directions to the Meeting Place are as follows:

If you are driving from Calgary via Highway 1 (TransCanada Highway), take the turnoff northwards to Highway 22 (The Cowboy Trail) to Cochrane. Turn right at Highway 1A, also called
Bow Valley Trail. Then the entrance to Cochrane Ranche is 250 meters to the left (north).
-If you are driving from Calgary via Highway 1A, on entering Cochrane stay on 1A. At the bottom
of the hill, drive past 4 Avenue N where there is a traffic light, and continue on 1A for another
350 meters and you will see the turnoff into Cochrane Ranche.

I will be there standing by my blue Subaru Forester. Please plan to be there at 9:00 AM. Please
be on time so that the group does not need to wait for you. If you are delayed, please call me on
my cell phone at 587-284-3411.

Meeting Place: Parking Lot, Cochrane Ranche

We will meet here and have everyone sign the necessary waiver and discuss the logistics of the
field trip. Bathrooms are available here. Turning left from the parking lot onto Highway 1A will
take a little patience and caution since there is a lot of two-way traffic on this part of Highway
1A. From there we will drive to the traffic light at 4 Ave N and turn left (north) to Stop 1. If our
convoy of cars is broken up due to the traffic, I will be waiting just north of the turn off and we will regroup there… 

To know more download this file. You will find a map included.


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